Sacred Heart Convent Galle - A School with a Heart !

By Shriwanthi Amarasinghe

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The earth is getting weaker and weaker every second but not all of us are doing our part to save it! Start it from your school.

"Please keep your schools clean & tidy"

Sacred Heart Convent has served the country for one hundred and fourteen years since its inception in 1896 and it is only too fitting to recall its worthy beginnings. The urgent need for education of young girls in Galle was the beginning of Sacred Heart Convent.

Today, Sacred Heart Convent, with its expanded student population of two thousand two hundred has achieved many a feather in its cap of accolades covering co-curricular and extra - curricular activities, nationally and internationally.

Being one of the most beautiful and clean schools in the country with well disciplined "Heartians" who will not drop a single bit of paper on the ground, Sacred Heart Convent humbly retains its proud heritage of upholding the cherished ideals "The torch of learning... be our guide to truth and charity", even today.

As a policy we do not leave any garbage in the school premises, but take the responsibility to take the refuse home for disposal.

The think green concepts are inculcated from year one onwards to A/L in order to keep the school in perfect condition, and environmentally friendly all year round.

We invite you to write about your School to :

The Editor "Green Rainbow"

EDEX+Plus, C/O EDEX Secretariat, RCU Skills Centre,

Royal College Union, Rajakeeya Mawatha,

Colombo 07.

Special thanks to :

Reverend Sister Disna Siyaguna

The Principal,

Sacred Heart Convent, Galle.